Paul, Laughter Yoga Participant July 2009

“I’ve only been practicing Laughter Yoga for several weeks and I’m already noticing positive changes in my inner responses to stressful situations.

The other day I was backing out of a parking spot when somebody backed into my car.  My first response was frustration and annoyance bordering on anger.  As I got out of the car I felt a change taking place in myself.  I started to relax, took a deep breath and starting laughing quietly inside myself.

By the time the other driver and I got to the back of the cars to see what damage was done, I felt open and calm.  Very much the same way I feel after a Laughter class.

We stood there and watched a big dent in her car bumper slowly pop out leaving no signs of damage.  I looked at the woman and saw that she was near to tears.  I mentioned that she looked quite distraught and asked if a hug might help.  I opened my arms, she said that she was having a terrible day and accepted the hug.

We held each other in a gentle moment that felt very healing. She thanked me for being kind and caring and left feeling a lot better.

I drove away from that accident felling content in myself for acting in a supportive manner at a time when anger could have easily been my reaction of choice.

I still laugh inside and feel good inside when I think of it.” –Paul, Laughter Yoga participant at Esquimalt Recreation Centre. July 2009.


About Victoria Laughter Yoga Club

Victoria Laughter Yoga Club is affiliated with Dr. Madan Kataria's School of Laughter Yoga. We laugh: Just ‘cause: ☺It feels good ☺Fights cancer* ☺Conquers stress ☺Improves circulation ☺Smooths out wrinkles ☺Is efficient exercise** ☺Slows the aging process ☺Boosts immunity(fight colds) ☺Oxygen to brain=clear thinking * Dr. Otto Warburg, President, Institute of Cell Physiology, Nobel Prize Winner (twice) says: “Deep breathing techniques increase oxygen to the cells and are the most important factors in living a disease-free and energetic life. When cells get enough oxygen, cancer will not and cannot occur.” (My bolding) **Dr. W. Fry states that 10 minutes of hearty laughter is equal to 30 minutes or rowing or jogging.(Journal of General Psychology, 1938) Laughter Yoga goes beyond just laughter. Founder Dr. Madan Kataria has developed techniques to stimulate childlike playfulness, to adjust the aerobic and stretching component, and to promote emotional flow and release. Laughter Yoga can improve your physical health, release negative thoughts and emotions and get in touch with your spiritual nature. It helps us to develop an attitude of forgiveness, generosity, compassion and helpfulness while actively seeking the happiness of others. Combined, these principles can provide a powerful life-changing experience that we call the inner spirit of laughter. Laughter Yoga Clubs are non-political, non-religious, non-profit. There are a number of clubs in the Victoria area. Email for more info and current schedule:
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