How to Release Fear, Anxiety and Frustrations…Instantly. Laughter: The Newsletter January 15, 2013

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How to Release Fear, Anxiety and Frustrations…Instantly


A Specific Technique That Also Normalizes Blood Pressure, Boosts the Immune System, Improves Circulation, Stimulates Digestion, Improves Your Breathing and Fights Cancer.


The comedic commentator Stephen Colbert said I dare anyone to be afraid when they are laughing. It can’t be done. Or words to that effect.


That’s the shortest story possible: laughter and fear are mutually exclusive. If you can find a way to laugh you lose the fears immediately. Laughter also relieves any lingering anxiety and releases frustrations. I don’t mean to say that fears, anxieties and/or frustrations won’t come back. They can and do. And there is a way to address that as well.


The first trick is how to find a way to laugh if you caught in the grip of a paralyzing fear, or anxiety or frustration.


The good news is that it can be done. It is a skill which can be learned. If we have created neural pathways that support these negative emotions, we can also create different pathways that release them.


My skill in releasing these emotions was developed with the help of Laughter Yoga. This is the brainchild of a medical doctor in India, Dr. Madan Kataria. While doing research on the concept that “Laughter is the best medicine,” he decided to start a laughter club for himself and other to self-administer this “best medicine.” It became so successful that there are now over 7,000 Laughter Yoga clubs in over 70 countries around the world.


The idea is super simple. We can laugh for no reason. We can just laugh for its own sake. One easy way to approach it is to think of laughter as exercise and just move our diaphragm up and down faking laughter. You might be surprised to learn that your body does not know the difference between fake laughter and real laughter. You will get the same health benefits either way!


I had a good example last night. I was shaking the water off my partial denture when is slipped from my hand into the sink and broke into two pieces. Aaargh! Now, in the past, losing a tooth has created a great deal of anxiety and an overwhelming cascade of negative emotion. This event started out the same way. I could “see” the pathway to those emotions opening up.


Instead, here is what happened: I immediately remembered to laugh. The laughter released most of the negative emotion and also many of the negative thoughts. It would have been easy to beat myself up and go into some thought loops about what a stupid guy I was and why can’t I be more careful and what an idiot and what is this going to cost me? $1800 is the replacement cost on a denture like that one…and on and on and on…


Instead I could “see” and “feel” all those thoughts come up and just as quickly as they came up, I let them go. I laughed some more at how easy it was to liberate myself from the thought and the associated feelings. I easily fell asleep without any thought “loops” running around and just trusted that the morning would provide solutions and even if the worst happened, it was just money and I would live and I would have my dentures back fairly soon.


After a good night’s sleep, I phoned my denturist, who is a friend, and he said he can fix it in no more than two hours. Whew. At noon, I will drive the one hour to his office and get it done.


Interestingly enough, one of the things on my TO DO LIST is to listen to some hours of a “clearing” program I have purchased. I wondered when I might have time to do it. Now, I have two hours of travel time and two hours of waiting time to dive into those audios. Interesting how the Universe works. Obviously, these clearing audios are important and I am meant to do them. That is why the Universe created time for me to dive into them. J


There are a couple of ways to learn this empowering skill of laughing at so-called misfortunes. “So-called” because we never know what seeds of benefits are contained in any “bad” luck we may experience. The Buddha said if you really understood life, you would throw your head back and laugh uproariously…or words to that effect.


So your mission should you decide to accept: Develop the skill of laughing when something goes awry. It will serve you well by keeping you in a good mood to tackle the many challenges of life more effectively and support your health in many ways also.


One way is to attend Laughter Yoga classes. Here in Victoria, we have 5 different clubs going at the moment:


Elsewhere, you can search for a Laughter Yoga club near you.


The second way is to access the 15 minute laughter video on my site and laugh along with me as often as you like. I found that daily laughter develops neural pathways so I can let go of any “negative” reactions to all kinds of events: drivers cutting me off, people yelling at me, anxieties about money (that’s a biggie), even anger at neighbours who wake me up at 1 in the morning. (I admit that one is tougher, but I am working on it.)


Here is my laugher video and you will note it comes with an email course focusing on health tips: You will see it on the right side of the page as the “Authentic Joy” video. Let me know how it goes.






P.S. Laughter also benefits your health in many other ways: Normalizes Blood Pressure, Boosts the Immune System, Improves Circulation, Stimulates Digestion, Improves Your Breathing and Fights Cancer.


So, as well as releasing fear, anxiety and frustrations, you get a whole cocktail of good hormones. Here is what Stephen Colbert says about laughter:


“I would say laughter is the best medicine. But it’s more than that. It’s an entire regime of antibiotics and steroids. Laughter brings the swelling down on our national psyche, and then applies an antibiotic cream… Obviously, it’s a challenge to make light of the darkness but, um, it’s better than crying about it.”


Click here now:




News from HOHO DOJO

Since returning from my Laughter Yoga Teacher training in California we have been experimenting with what I call an Americanized version of Laughter Yoga which is a more aerobic approach. Last night the four of us in attendance created one of those unforgettable evenings that make you wish more people could have been part of it. You may know the experience of having experienced something and then thought “I just wish……..was here to share this with”. Well we can’t ever recapture last nights frolic but there is fortunately another opportunity next Monday at 4:30 at 530 Frazer St. in Esquimalt.




By the way for those unfamiliar with the word Dojo, it is a Japanese term which literally means “place of the way” and has been used to describe a gathering place for  training in the martial arts. I am using it as a Laughter Yoga teacher Billy Strean, has coined it to apply to a place we come to study and practice the various branches of laughter. In our future gatherings we will be exploring these various branches as ways to better our lives and those around us.




All the best in Happiness and in Health







There are now four Laughter Yoga clubs in Victoria are:

◊ Mondays 4:30pm to 5:30pm. Gene Furbee leading at 530 Fraser Street. The Esquimalt Health Unit. Drop in. No charge for attending.

◊ Thursdays 5:30 to 6:30pm. January 17th to February 21st. Monterey Centre. also March 14th to April 18th, 5:30 to 6:30pm. To Register, call Monterey Centre: 250-370-7300.

◊ Thursdays 7pm-8pm at the Fernwood Community Centre. Please call to confirm @250.590.0488 Gracie Gaughan. Wear comfortable clothing, mats are provided.

◊  Fridays on the 1st and 3rd Fridays of each month: Esquimalt Laughter Yoga Club. 1314A Esquimalt Road, Metta In Motion Yoga and Thai Massage Studio. Free or by donation. Suggested: $5 – $15. With Matti Anttila 250.477.8608. This is a “drop-in” class. Just show up. Loose clothing, water bottle if you like.

◊ Saturdays 11am to noon in Colwood. Phone Miho Lindley for details: 250.391.1117. Suggested donation $5. Note: Miho also leads a group energy healing prior to Laughter Yoga: Group Energy Healing: Saturdays, 10am ~ 11am. Suggested donation $5.

Updates here. Victoria Laughter Yoga Schedule:






Here is Laughter Yoga Teacher Robert Rivest on TV:


Victoria Laughter Yoga Club site:



Laughter is one of the missing nutrients.

We need Vitamin “L” every day.

F r e e daily laughter with Matti.

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Bonus: f r e e email course:


“108 Tips for more Joy, Energy and Health”

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Just For Fun





All for now,

Love and Laughter,


Matti Anttila, Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher
Victoria Laughter Yoga Clubs
Laughter Yoga is the unique concept that we can laugh for no reason at all.
* Laughter exercises send endorphins (feel good hormones) to the brain.
* Yoga breathing: more oxygen to brain and body equals:
* Feeling healthier and more energetic.
* Sessions are led by a certified Laughter Yoga Leader.
* Non-profit, non-religious, non-political
110-174 Wilson Street Victoria, BC, Canada V9A 7N7
250-477-8608 To be removed from future mailings, reply to this email with REMOVE the subject field.


About Victoria Laughter Yoga Club

Victoria Laughter Yoga Club is affiliated with Dr. Madan Kataria's School of Laughter Yoga. We laugh: Just ‘cause: ☺It feels good ☺Fights cancer* ☺Conquers stress ☺Improves circulation ☺Smooths out wrinkles ☺Is efficient exercise** ☺Slows the aging process ☺Boosts immunity(fight colds) ☺Oxygen to brain=clear thinking * Dr. Otto Warburg, President, Institute of Cell Physiology, Nobel Prize Winner (twice) says: “Deep breathing techniques increase oxygen to the cells and are the most important factors in living a disease-free and energetic life. When cells get enough oxygen, cancer will not and cannot occur.” (My bolding) **Dr. W. Fry states that 10 minutes of hearty laughter is equal to 30 minutes or rowing or jogging.(Journal of General Psychology, 1938) Laughter Yoga goes beyond just laughter. Founder Dr. Madan Kataria has developed techniques to stimulate childlike playfulness, to adjust the aerobic and stretching component, and to promote emotional flow and release. Laughter Yoga can improve your physical health, release negative thoughts and emotions and get in touch with your spiritual nature. It helps us to develop an attitude of forgiveness, generosity, compassion and helpfulness while actively seeking the happiness of others. Combined, these principles can provide a powerful life-changing experience that we call the inner spirit of laughter. Laughter Yoga Clubs are non-political, non-religious, non-profit. There are a number of clubs in the Victoria area. Email for more info and current schedule:
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