Love and Laughter Go Hand in Hand. Victoria Laughter News  July 22, 2015



Welcome Jo-Ann Hopkins as a new Certified Laughter Yoga Leader. Jo will be leading a Laughter Yoga session monthly at Shoal Community Centre in Sidney starting in September. Thanks to Kathy Fournier in helping set it up.



Yours truly has started leading Laughter Yoga sessions for clients of the Inspire Health Centre in Oak Bay. This is a cancer support group. Recently (April 1st), they were able to start providing their support services for free for anyone with cancer on Vancouver Island. If you know of anyone being challenged by cancer, let them know about Inspire Health.


They also have facilities in Vancouver and Kelowna areas.



Laughter Yoga continues at Ingredients Health Store 2031 Store Street just down from Capital Iron. Wednesday nights at 6’45pm.



The HOHO DOJO Laughter Yoga club restarts on Monday Aug. 10th at 4.30 at the VIHA facility 530 Fraser Street in Esquimalt. (note that August 3rd is a holiday…BC DAY>>>yay!)



The ever popular Sunday morning Laughter Yoga session continues 10.30am at the sundial in the centre of Beacon Hill Park.




Find the Victoria Laughter Yoga club closest to you:




Love and Laughter Go Hand in Hand

9 Comedy Rules To Follow For A Lasting Relationship, Because Love And Laughter Go Hand in Hand




Laughter Yoga Outlawed in Denver Parks

After 9 years of meeting every Monday during the summer in Cheesman Park, the free, NEVER-a-fee based Denver Laughter Yoga Club (LY) (www.DenverLaughs) has been banned by the Pawnee*, excuse me Denver Park and Recreation (DP&R) Department. Laughing and promoting community together in any Denver Park FOR FREE has now been deemed a “commercial activity.” In the Orwellian world of DP&R, Parks Permit Supervisor Kris Wilson defines a commercial activity as “offering services for no money” and added “it is “a legal definition.”


Last week two park rangers basically busted our group of mostly senior citizens for laughing together without permission. LY’s only option? Purchase insurance and a park permit ($500 minimum @ $60/week). That means to continue meeting summers in the park, LY would have to NOW CHARGE participants, huh? An article in the New York Times on July 13, 2013, on the permit situation, reported, “People will still be able to get together to play Frisbee or soccer. But if money changes hands, said Jeff Green, (DP&R) Marketing and Communications Director “ ‘you need to have a permit.’ ” So a permit system that was not intended to ensnare free groups like LY is now forcing them to turn commercial, huh?


Unfortunately, DP&R offers, on average, only 2+ group “turf” permits per park each six-month session. (Cheesman, meanwhile, has been singled out by DP&R, as a Group-Permit-Free Zone.) Securing one of these coveted permits (even if LY had the $) means winning a lottery that DP&R conducts among permit contenders. Essentially, the real outcome of these hyper-bureaucratized regulations is to outlaw laughing out loud in a group. And these regs give park rangers unprecedented rights to harass any peaceful, law-abiding group in the park since the DP&R permit application defines a group as “1-6 people.” Let’s just drop the pretense and erect a new sign next to the NO Group Exercise warnings: NO GIGGLING IN ANY GROUP OF ANY SIZE PERMITTED IN DENVER CITY PARKS.


Denver Parks and Recreation is already being lampooned in New York, Boston, Atlanta, etc. for its onerous restrictions on group exercise. Now Denverites are not at liberty to laugh together in city parks? Giggling in groups is breaking the law. What next? Requiring non-Denver residents to buy permits to use its parks, designating Cheesman as a “gated park community” (shh, it’s probably being bantered around as we speak in the Pawnee DP&R meetings.


Karen Karvonen

Denver Laughter Yoga Club Outlaw


*TV Comedy lampooning a Pawnee, NE Park and Rec Department.


My comment:

Is this what the world is coming to? I wondered when “the powers that be” would feel threatened by laughter. I wonder if we could still do the silent laughter exercise from Laughter Yoga? I wonder if we could get together to smile in a group? Rename it Smiling Yoga and just stand around and smile at each other. Would they come and arrest us?




All for now,

Love, Laughter and Smiles




Matti Anttila, Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher,

Author of The Zen of Joy
Victoria Laughter Yoga Clubs
Laughter Yoga is the unique concept that we can laugh for no reason at all.
* Laughing is FUN


* We start out with laughter exercises

> That sends feel good hormones to the brain.


* We  intersperse with yoga type deep breathing

> That sends more oxygen to the brain and body
* We add child-like playfulness

> That opens up our creativity and intuition


* We do “Laughter Meditation”

> Unlike any other meditation, way fun


* We finish with some relaxation routines.


* Sessions are led by a Certified Laughter Yoga Leader.
>  Non-profit, non-religious, non-political.


* Free or by donation

> Don’t let money hold you back
304 – 1834C Oak Bay Avenue Victoria, BC, Canada V8R 0A4





Laughter is an Essential Nutrient. Get Your Daily Fix Here.


Free video:


You will see it on the right side of the page as the “Authentic Joy” video.




About Victoria Laughter Yoga Club

Victoria Laughter Yoga Club is affiliated with Dr. Madan Kataria's School of Laughter Yoga. We laugh: Just ‘cause: ☺It feels good ☺Fights cancer* ☺Conquers stress ☺Improves circulation ☺Smooths out wrinkles ☺Is efficient exercise** ☺Slows the aging process ☺Boosts immunity(fight colds) ☺Oxygen to brain=clear thinking * Dr. Otto Warburg, President, Institute of Cell Physiology, Nobel Prize Winner (twice) says: “Deep breathing techniques increase oxygen to the cells and are the most important factors in living a disease-free and energetic life. When cells get enough oxygen, cancer will not and cannot occur.” (My bolding) **Dr. W. Fry states that 10 minutes of hearty laughter is equal to 30 minutes or rowing or jogging.(Journal of General Psychology, 1938) Laughter Yoga goes beyond just laughter. Founder Dr. Madan Kataria has developed techniques to stimulate childlike playfulness, to adjust the aerobic and stretching component, and to promote emotional flow and release. Laughter Yoga can improve your physical health, release negative thoughts and emotions and get in touch with your spiritual nature. It helps us to develop an attitude of forgiveness, generosity, compassion and helpfulness while actively seeking the happiness of others. Combined, these principles can provide a powerful life-changing experience that we call the inner spirit of laughter. Laughter Yoga Clubs are non-political, non-religious, non-profit. There are a number of clubs in the Victoria area. Email for more info and current schedule:
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