What Laughers Are Saying

“Laughter yoga combines laughter with yogic breathing exercises. It is a perfect way to laugh and get exercise at the same time. It approaches laughter as a body exercise, so it is easy to laugh even if you are depressed or in a bad mood. Last year I highlighted laughter yoga on my TV program. I have tried it, and it works.” —Oprah Winfrey, January, 2008, Australia

Testimonials for The Laughter Dudes (Soren Russow and Matti Anttila): http://laughterdudes.com/portfolio/ 


What Laughter Yoga Participants say:

“Laughter Yoga opened up my inner child. For me this is very healing. I recommend this class to anyone that needs to reconnect with that inner child.” -Barb Uniewski

“Laughter Yoga is a fun way to relax, let go of stress and get some exercise too. -Pat Coward

“Hi Matti:

I just wanted to drop you a note telling you how much I enjoyed your Laughing Yoga session that I attended.

I must say I was a little unsure of what was going to happen, particularly when you asked the group to start laughing.

I found that as I let myself follow your lead and instruction I became more and more relaxed.  The exercises started to feel more and more natural.  I realized I was enjoying myself.

Again thank you very much for offering the session, I really enjoyed myself.”

-Jamie Stevenson, Toastmaster


“Hi Matti,
Just want to ‘Thank You’ for telling me about Laughter Yoga – and the session last night.  I loved it!  It was so much fun.  And, I feel great today.  It is a wonderful way to just breathe deeply, relax, laugh from your belly, meet some nice people who are obviously on the ‘same page’ to add some fun and healing to their lives – and still get a workout!  I slept great, I woke up smiling.  It is well organized – the exercises were simple but very effective.  And what a nice space to have it in!  Thanks again for everything.  I’ll be back for sure.
Jo “(Jo-Ann Hopkins of Mulberry Cottage in Victoria, BC http://www.vrbo.com/429998 )

“Great group activity. Good energy from Matti and the group.” –Heather Wood, Access Midwifery & Family Care

“I loved bonding with my coworkers this way. I can use this at work – definitely…Liked the variety & different methods. Great explanations!”  – Mary Lou McRae, Access Midwifery & Family Care

“Just a whole lot of fun. Very good to be in moment and acknowledge the importance of laughter and happiness.” – Chloe Daymar, Access Midwifery & Family Care

“Really enlivened me, woke up cells in my body that have been asleep a long time. Felt relaxed after the session.” Participant at Access Midwifery & Family Care session.

20110906 Testimonials Camp Shawnigan

“You are such a wonderfully skilled facilitator! Our staff no doubt will be reaping the benefits of your laughter yoga session all summer long! Your services are so valuable, we were so fortunate to have you! I would highly recommend you to other organizations and individuals!” – Lottie DeAngelis, Program Coordinator for Easter SealsCampShawnigan.

“Simultaneous joy and calm_letting for, tingling inside and out, goodness chirping out of me naturally.” Andra Nadeau Jakobson

“Thank you for Laughter Yoga here atCampShawnigan. It was a very eye opening experience. You’re calm, wisdom, honesty and trust were so appreciated. Laughter Yoga was a great team activity, including lots of people yet also challenging individualism. Laughter Yoga was a great experience. I recommend trying it.” – Stacy Hanna

“I really appreciated your engaging facilitation style. You expertly drew us all in to the wonderful and whimsical world of explosive laughter lying sleeping in all of us. Thank you, thank you!” –Melissa Ferguson.

“That was invigorating. My energy increased so much but I remained so peaceful into only what I can describe as ‘sleep” in the laydown section after the zero gravity exercise but when I woke up, I felt super relaxed. Thank you.” – Bernie

“I have absolutely no idea what laughter yoga could and would bring into me. It guided me deeper into the sunshine of my own heart! I feel clear, free (from my heart to literally every cell in my body) and open. There is peace emanating deep inside and, in the manner that James Brown sang best, ‘I feel good!’” – Molly Penrose

“Thank you. I have not felt this good and relaxed in weeks.” – Daniel Geselbracht

“This was my first time trying laughter yoga and it was such an amazing experience! I feel open, light and ready to embrace the world with open arms. Thanks for all the great instruction and an amazing time!” – Lisa White,Burlington,Ontario

“I felt dizzy after the laughter yoga session with Matt because I laughed way too hard way too fast. It was a fantastic cheek and jaw workout not to mention good for the soul. Thanks, Matti.” – Sunid Nahdi,Kelowna,BC

“An amazing experience! A great teacher and he gets you involved and laughing right away. A great first laughter yoga experience. J” – Stacie McEwan,Victoria,BC

“I really enjoyed Laughter Yoga and hope to do again someday soon. The leader was fun and energetic. Thank you.” – Daniel Macdonald,Quadra Island,BC

“A lot of times we are so concerned about how we look or how others perceive us but in laughter yoga you laugh off your inhibitions and relax. At first I was apprehensive but soon I was laughing away.” -Kaitlyn Lande. Easter SealsCampShawnigan.

“I found the best way for me to laugh hard was listen to other people genuinely laughing, and so a group of people laughing was the best place for me to laugh! Thank you.”

– Duncan Brown. Easter SealsCampShawnigan.

“I heard of Laugh Yoga before. I always say it was silly. But when I actually did it I found out it is really good for you. I didn’t really expect that if had that kind of reaction to me. It was awesome.” – Rey Hermoso. Easter SealsCampShawnigan.

“Laughter Yoga has affirmed by belief that laughter can heal; it is a comfort to the soul and can change your world if you choose to look at with different eyes and engage your innate sense of humour. It has inspired me to try laughing at my most trying moments.” Lindsay Korns. Easter SealsCampShawnigan.

“Laughter Yoga has inspired me to try and laugh more after daily situations that may normally make me feel frustrated. After the session I felt rejuvenated, light, content, balanced and at peace with myself. I hope to remember this experience and use what I learned to increase my general level of happiness. J – Katie Thompson. Easter SealsCampShawnigan.

“This experience made me feel so connected to my body and emotions as well as all the people around me. I felt energized, joyful, and positive at the end of the session. I would love to do this again! –Michelle Leach. Easter SealsCampShawnigan.

“After one session of Laughter Yoga I felt grounded, inspired and emotionally at ease. Everyone should take the time to laugh and there are few better ways to do so than with Laughter Yoga.” Dave Hall. Easter SealsCampShawnigan.

“Hahaha! Laughter Yoga is wild energy full of many emotions! I’ve never really experienced yoga to this degree of connectedness with my community. I felt very balanced and happy, my spirits were flying, my soul was at peace, and my belly hurt with happy pains. Thank you for sharing laughs, smiles.” –Navi Bhatti. Easter SealsCampShawnigan. P.S. I’m also interested in the leader training.


Matti is a great instructor – he helped to bring out the inner child in everyone. Our classes were fun & brought a wonderful sense of peace & relaxation. –Laura D.

Since I began Laughter Yoga, I am doing with my kids at work. We love it. Thanks to you. L.D.

Laughter Yoga proved to be much more than I anticipated. From the name of the class I assumed it was yoga focused, but was very pleasantly surprised at what it ended up offering. Laughter Yoga is now a lovely part of my emotional well being. I highly recommend this class to anyone in search of more joy, clarity and health in their lives. –Leah Ralph

Re: Matti Anttila – Laughter Yoga Instructor. I really enjoyed the Laughter Yoga class. Matti made sure all people present joined in (participated) in the energized session. Lots of great info was passed along. He has a friendly manner and really the course enjoyable. He is a great asset to the course. Thank you Matti – keep up the good work.  –Ellyn Boyd

“Laughter Yoga is an immeasurable avenue of emotional release.” – Elizabeth,Duncan,BC.

“It was a wonderful experience! I loved it!” – Barb Davis,Calgary,Alberta.

What Laughter Yoga Leaders said about Matti’s Certified Laughter Yoga Leaders training:

Wow! I never thought that learning how to become a Laughter Yoga Leader could be such a fun experience. Matti, with love and compassion, brought us to discovering the potential of Laughter Yoga and the joy of brining it to others.

I had a breakthrough when I understood that it doesn’t matter if I make a mistake while leading a session as long as I did it with intent of empowering the participants with this pure gift of inner joy through laughter and deep breathing.

I am grateful to Matti for guiding me on this journey filled with love and adventures to com!

Sarah Daigneault, Victoria BC Canada


Laughter Yoga training is a fun filled time full of laughter, learning and sharing. Matti\s ‘anything goes’ approach to learning and laughter inspires the novice to take risks and make mistakes. Ha, ha, ha, ha. I highly recommend this training without hesitation as I left feeling confident in my ability to lead & facilitate a laughter yoga session. Using movement & practice it was easy to learn the five principles and four parts of leading a group. After two full days of laughing you will leave with a full heart and a feeling of joy and happiness.

Nika Silickas, Qualicum Beach, BC Canada



On the weekend of October 7 & 8 I completed my Laughter Yoga Leadership course. It was very informative and helpful to get a basic handle on leading a laughter yoga class. I have some great tools to get start and on my way. Matti, was very patient, supportive and encouraging to help through the course. Thank you Matti .

Michael Depodesta, Victoria BC Canada


Matti lead the 2 day leader training with a knowledge base and a truly kind and compassionate approach. He created a relaxed environment which was conducive to the best possible learning outcomes.

His attentiveness to each individual increased the comfort for each of us. He facilitated a truly dynamic experience that exceeded my expectations.

I feel truly blessed to have been part of this,

In gratitude,

Ellen Brown CLYL Port Alberni, BC, Canada


I’ve never thought of myself as a person who laughs a lot. There was fear in me about how much I could let go. But the instant I was in the group, I felt light hearted. Matti’s presence and leadership challenged my preconceived ideas around my view of being too serious. It is within me and has given me new confidence in being able to live a more joyous, happier life.

Neil Cutler, Nanaimo, BC, Canada



Thanks to Matti for gently leading us through a joyous weekend learning to be laughter yoga leaders. He made it look easy while instilling in us the confidence to bring this gift to others.

In gratitude,

Elizabeth Bergen, Victoria, BC, Canada



Laughter Yoga

Relaxing, Exhilirating, Calming, energizing, learning, unlearning, giving, sharing.

What a journey.






A wonderful teacher

Wendy Kerr

Port Alberni, BC, Canada




Matti guided us through the weekend with the most wonderful balance between joy, professionalism & great wisdom. He shared many resources to allow us to continue our studies. He prepared us to be able to lead many Laughter Yoga sessions with great confidence, being sure that we share the history, purpose & fundamentals of Laughter Yoga. We all became very close & united like a family in such a short time. Thank you so much Matti. You are truly amazing. I recommend this training to all.

Big love and joy,

Andrew Desrochers, Nanaimo BC Canada



I was in search of some new ideas to re-energize and refresh the Laughter Yoga practice that I teach. It was a great experience to relearn facilitating Laughter Yoga ‘a la Matti’s flavour. It was a very rich weekend where I received much more than just the “how to” of leading laughter yoga. Matti is well read, with a myriad of knowledge from many fields in the health and wellness sector. With this background, he weaves his wisdom and charm into his teaching style. This weekend was so much fun and I return home with a treasure chest of new ideas and enthusiasm to try out!

Joanne McKechnie, Courtenay, BC, Canada


I enjoyed Matti’s Laughter Yoga training session very much. He made the material very interesting & of course fun. He is extremely knowledgable. Thank you Matti!

Kathy Fournier, Victoria BC Canada


Hi Matti,
I think these pics are great!!  Thank you.
Thank you for coming to our home – and teaching me the Laughter Yoga class.  I loved it!  And you are a very good teacher.  And very kind hearted.
I have learned a lot.  And I am thinking about and pondering it all.  New things are coming to my mind every day.  It is a lot to absorb.  But not too much!
It was also nerve wracking for me, to ‘teach’ a class in front of my Instructor!!  But also good – and good that you didn’t help me.  What an experience!!!
I am better for it all.  And I hope to pass along the joy I’ve experienced through Laughter Yoga to others.
What a fun class!

A grateful student.
Cheers – Jo (Jo-Ann Hopkins, Victoria, BC, Canada. Owner of Mulberry Cottage. http://www.vrbo.com/429998 I stayed there for a couple of months in 2014. A delightful experience with hosts Jo-Ann and Peter Hopkins going above and beyond.)

I enjoyed Matti’s Laughter Yoga Training session very much. He made the material very interesting and of course fun! He is extremely knowledgable. -Kathy Fournier, Victoria, BC, Canada

My leader workshop with Matti Anttila was a powerful experience. Not only do I feel confident in my ability to lead a laughter yoga session, but I have come away with many other tools with which to lead a more mindful life. Matti is incredibly experienced, thorough, and most of all generous with his knowledge and encouragement.
-Madeleine Barber, Victoria BC Canada

Words are meaningless to describe all of the joy and happiness I felt from being your student during this weekend. I never thought I would make laughter my most precious form of personal and professional income until I had the privilege to experience this Laughter Yoga training.
It will be an honor to use all of the knowledge gained during this training into my new career as a Laughter Yoga Leader!
Thanks again and bust a laugh.  -Eric Bourgault, Victoria, BC, Canada.

Matti embodies the spirit of Laughter Yoga and he conveys this in his teaching in such a way that the student effortlessly learns to connect with their own spirit of laughter.
-Gene Furbee CLYL, Victoria, BC, Canada

I have just completed the weekend of Laughter Yoga Leader course with Matti! It has been such a good experience, full of learning the benefits of LY, being silly, “letting go” and having FUN! I recommend it for everyone! It will be practiced with pleasure daily! I feel filled with joy!                     -Marilyn Shane, Duncan, BC, Canada
I came into this workshop with the expectation that I would come away with the skills and knowledge necessary to lead a Laughter Yoga group. After all, that’s what I signed up for  BUT that’s NOT what I got. I got so much more than I signed up for. It far exceeded my expectations.
Matti’s passion, love and dedication to Laughter Yoga gave me a colourful and spirited experience. He lead us down some very exciting paths of discovery and I look forward to my new direction in life with Laughter Yoga; for myself and now, leading others. Thank you Matti – You’re a whole lot more than “Very Good, Very Good.”  -Phyllis O’Grady.


2011 November Training;

Matti’s Laughter Yoga training weekend was empowering and enlightening, very funny, and enabled me to have the ability to lead a session, and also this was an opportunity to relook at parts of my life & consider new ways or possible alterations I can make to a more rewarding and fulfilling life. Thank you Matti

– Margaret Danylchuk, Victoria, B.C. Canada

Matti is a storehouse of wonderful information about how to live a positive, healing, healthy, aware life. He is humble, friendly, kind & down-to-earth.

He teaches Laughter Yoga in a fun, inclusive way. And he has many other modalities & healing techniques to share.                               -Linda Stedfield, Ladysmith, B.C. Canada

Thank you, Matti…Blessings…I’m so glad to have met you & definitely want to keep the connection growing (Linda)

Laughter is indeed gentle yet most powerful tool to approach every aspect of life! And, ultimately to the (World) peace.

As having taken this course, I realized how precious my being is. I feel my body is filled with positive & peaceful energy.

It’s the most sustainable and helpful way to take care of our well-being.

-Tomoko V. , Sooke, B.C. Canada

The Laughter Yoga Leader Training instilled confidence and peace that will serve me in all aspects of my life.

Meaghan Moon, Cambridge Bay, Nunavut, (Northwest Territories) Canada

Dear Matti:

You are a wonderful leader and teacher. You deliver the message of laughter Yoga with love and conviction using techniques that are easy to absorb and understand.

You have shared many of your personal experiences to enrich our experience and guided us to look for our own to share as we progress towards being Laughter Yoga Leaders.

Thank you for providing a space for us to show up as Leaders, or at the very least to experience the possibility of Laughter for no reason in our daily lives.

I loved the weekend.                                      -Janet S., Courtenay, B.C. Canada

Very good, Very good Yeah!

Great weekend, Excellent instructor, Very knowledgeable

I highly recommend Matti as an instructor of Laughter Yoga and Laughter Yoga Teachers.                                                           -Trish Simpson, Victoria, B.C. Canada


December 5, 2011 Training

Matti is an amazing instructor. Intuitive, caring and kind. Laughter is second nature to him, and he instills that into his students. Thank you. Ho Ho Ha Ha Ha. WHOOP WHOOP! J                                                                    -Tracey Harper, Sidney, BC, Canada

It (Laughter Yoga) is helping me create a new vocation!

Too numerous (specific skills or knowledge) to name – all excellent skills that can be applied to all aspects of my life. Simply smiling & taking a breath when stressed is great!

Currently have no clients. However, I have used it for my own benefit with great success, most especially in learning to lighten up & I have learned to laugh at my mistakes.

Matti is an excellent teacher. His positive approach, specific, clear instruction, gentle manner and wonderful sense of fun made this a terrific experience & learning opportunity for me. His enthusiasm, caring for others & commitment to wellness & joy or all is exceptional. Thank you Matti for sharing so much!

–Patricia Henderson, Courtenay, BC, Canada


(Specific skills or knowledge gained at Certified Laughter Yoga Leader training):…A lot of good info. Thank you J. Finally the tool where body mind soul will enjoy as one.

Natural Teaching! Love it! Thank you Matti for your “enlightening teaching” & experiences. Long time my Inner Child looked (for) a funny way it could express itself. Finally, WE GET IT.

Breathing/Laughing with inner and outer smile! Keep going – Keep smiling –Keep laughing.

Thank you, Namaste I am grateful!!!!!!

Joy, Love & Light.                              -Mona McBrearty, Cumberland, BC, Canada

Matti Anttila is a professional leader who does a great & effective job…his interaction with the people in his groups.

Everyone leaves his session feeling an enthusiastic hi. His explanations are very clear and helpful.

He is supportive & uses humour and knowledge very effectively.

You couldn’t find a better man to lead your group if you want the best results & lasting improvement.                                                     -Garth McLeod, Nanaimo, BC, Canada


Laughter Yoga Leader Training June 2011

“Matti Anttila has a way with people that really impressed and delighted me. He brings a warmth, openness and lightheartedness that left me feeling sage, relaxed, supported and encouraged every step of the way. I am excited and confident that I am ready to lead laughter yoga classes.

I had a blast and would absolutely highly recommend Matti Anttila’s classes and courses to anyone who wants to learn priceless tools for living a healthier more fulfilling life – and laugh up a storm in the process. Thank you, Matti.”

            -Joel Fox, Courtenay, BC, Canada

“Thanks so for a great weekend of laughing, learning, laughing, learning for 2 days! What fun. I love the happiness that follows laughter. Thank you for being my teacher. Much gratitude and appreciation. ”                   – Christine Glenn, Victoria, BC, Canada


December 2009 Training:

“Awesome, fun, energetic. All the happy things that go with laughter.”

– Gina Davis. Victoria, BC.

“Great energy. Useful repetition. Small group helpful. A truly unique and enriching experience.”                                                              -Jeremy Bally, Victoria, BC.


“Made me feel +++ alive. Team building. Creates ++ inner power. Rejuvenating +++.”

-Taryn Andersen, Victoria, BC.

“I have been inspired by Matti to start a laugh Yoga club and continue spreading laughter & love through the world. Love, Tickles.”

-Jennifer Burke, aka “Tickles, the Clown.” Victoria, BC, Canada.


“This was a great & magnificent weekend. I’m sad the weekend went by so quickly.

Matti has inspired me to start my own laughter club so I may spread laughter and the joy of being.

Matti has strong leadership skills and knows how to lead sessions in a productive & organized fashion. He is knowledgable in the material and is a great instructor.

Thank you so much, Matti! …

Thank you again for an enjoyable and fun weekend. I learned so much from you and really enjoyed your passion and method of delivering the teachings to our group… I also want to thank you for helping me feel comfortable and teaching me a new way of learning by using ‘motion.’

That was very powerful to me this weekend. By moving around, I felt super connected to my body and was able to present from the heart. What a great experience!

Thanks again for an unforgettable weekend! Laughingly yours,

Natalia”                                                           – Natalia Burns, Victoria, BC, Canada

“AMAZING! Thank you thank you thank you Matti for your warmth, openness and for sharing your wealth of knowledge! It’s been a pleasure!”

– Kathleen Potter, Victoria, BC, Canada.


Other Testimonials:

“I read that laughter was healing from the Norman Cousins book “Anatomy of an Illness as Perceived by the Patient.” Cousins laughed himself back to health from an often fatal disease.

I had been doing Laughter Yoga weekly when a friend said going more than once a week had made a big shift in his and his wife’s life. His wife had suffered a stroke so he was looking after her needs 24/7 and both were down emotionally. The laughter sessions now meant both of them had more laughter and lightness in their lives.

At that point, I also committed to going a few times a week and yes, something did shift. More lightness and ease and ability to smile and laugh more often. It was as if my happiness “set point” had been raised.

Marci Shimoff, in her wonderful book, “Happy for No Reason” explains it this way. Research has shown that big ticket lottery winners become very happy, even ecstatic quickly. That lasts for a while, but after about one year, they come back to the level of happiness they had before the win.

The other side held true as well. People who suffered horrible misfortunes in their lives such as losing both arms and legs in an accident, fell into terrible depression and despair, which also lasted for a while. But, after about one year, they also came back to their previous level of happiness.

Shimoff says that tells her we each have a happiness “set point.” We may fluctuate above it and below it, but it is where we consistently and habitually come back to.

The founder of Laughter Yoga, Dr. Madan Kataria, explains the difference between happiness and joy this way. Happiness is something that comes from outside circumstances. This could be a lottery win, getting married, buying a new car, TV or house, having children and so on. All the “stuff” of life “out there,” outside of us. Joy, meantime, is something that resides inside us, independent of outside circumstances.

Laughter Yoga has the ability to tap into this inner source of joy and awaken it in our lives, so that we feel it more and more every day, despite all the challenges and “slings and arrows of outrageous fortune” that life throws at us. We still have moments of more happiness and more unhappiness, but we come back again and again to this higher happiness “set point” or fountain of inner joy.

This quote lives with me and has inspired me to treat laughter as a necessary daily nutrient:

‘Submit to a daily practice.
Your loyalty to that is a knock on the door.
Keep knocking and the joy inside
Will eventually open a window
And look out to see who’s there.”

– Rumi’

–Matti Anttila CLYT (Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher and Professional Laughter Dude) October 2009

Matti Anttila Testimonial Sept 2009

“Having heard of Norman Cousins’ book, “Anatomy of an illness, I was intrigued to try out a laughter club. I attended two one-time sessions before finding a Saturday morning club here inVictoria. I immediately volunteered to get trained as a leader and enjoyed the whole process of coming to a club and then learning how to lead one.

A real shift happened, though, when a friend told how a big change occurred in his life when he started participating two to three times a week. His wife had a stroke a few years earlier and there was a lot of stress and little laughter for them as he was taking care of

his wife on a full time basis. Now, they were having more laughter throughout each day.

As a result of hearing that, I started attending 2-3 times a week and found it made a big difference for me as well. Specifically, chuckling or laughing at situations that in the past would have caused consternation, upset or downright anger. Also, I find myself smiling more and easier.

While life still hands me challenges, I find the load is much lighter now since Laughter Yoga has entered my life.

My thanks go out to Dr. Kataria and to all laughers who keep the joy of laughter alive in a challenging world.”

Matti Anttila, Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher, Victoria, BC, Canada


“I’ve only been practicing Laughter Yoga for several weeks and I’m already noticing positive changes in my inner responses to stressful situations.

The other day I was backing out of a parking spot when somebody backed into my car.  My first response was frustration and annoyance bordering on anger.  As I got out of the car I felt a change taking place in myself.  I started to relax, took a deep breath and starting laughing quietly inside myself.

By the time the other driver and I got to the back of the cars to see what damage was done, I felt open and calm.  Very much the same way I feel after a Laughter class.

We stood there and watched a big dent in her car bumper slowly pop out leaving no signs of damage.  I looked at the woman and saw that she was near to tears.  I mentioned that she looked quite distraught and asked if a hug might help.  I opened my arms, she said that she was having a terrible day and accepted the hug.

We held each other in a gentle moment that felt very healing. She thanked me for being kind and caring and left feeling a lot better.

I drove away from that accident felling content in myself for acting in a supportive manner at a time when anger could have easily been my reaction of choice.

I still laugh inside and feel good inside when I think of it.”

         –Paul, Laughter Yoga participant at Esquimalt Recreation Centre. July 2009.

“Being a yoga teacher and volunteer at a local hospital, I’ve always been convinced of the benefits of laughter. When I first heard about Laughter Yoga and tried a class near me inKuala Lumpur, I wasn’t so convinced that the concept of LY works. Well, maybe for some but not all. It might have been my lack of understanding or the lack of group dynamics (there were only 3 of us and only the leader had done it before).

Then I found Lee Jean and the laughter club in Johor Bahru. They have reaffirmed my initial interest and I have learnt a lot more about not taking myself seriously. Exercises like the Bill laughter and our own (Denise and I) creation, the Ah Long (Loan Shark) Laughter, showed that even when life is not all peachy but we can still laugh and feel better. I believe that the joy from within gives us hope and more optimism, especially right now during challenging times.

I now laugh more easily at anything and everything in my daily life and wish to share this joy with the world. After all, a roomful of laughing people, emitting strong positive energy can definitely beat much of the negative around us. In fact, right after my CLYL training, I incorporated LY into my yoga classes and workshops!”

-Nita Ng. Laughter Yoga Leader, Victoria, BC March 2009


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